Samothraki Nr2. (13-17 of August 2018) 5 day. Vacation and canyoning at the island of Samothraki. Canyoning program for experienced canyoneers.

Vacation and canyoning at the island of Samothraki.
 Canyoning program for experienced canyoneers.
4 Canyons: Karagiannaki, Gria Vathra, Kremasto & Gyali.
Vacation and canyoning at the island of Samothraki with a schedule that combines canyoning, hiking, swimming at the best beaches and getting to know the island and its history. Samothraki is a prime destination that combines vacation and canyoning. It offers alternative holidays to adventure lovers. Due to the islands particularity and difficulty of certain paths, you need to have the best planning of your routes.  
George Andreou, instructor – canyon guide, is in charge of planning and organising the excursion. G. Andreou has organised since 2002 all the exploratory expeditions of the Samothraki canyons. He knows the paths and the steep passages of the island; he is aware of the dangers and how to smoothly guide the group.
 You must enjoy being in the wild, hiking, water games and being adventurous. You should have some canyon descending experience (1-2 canyons in the past)
Physical fitness levels
You should have average physical endurance, know how to swim, not be afraid of heights, be able to plunge into the water from 2 metres high and carry a backpack with you personal gear.
1st day Karagiannaki canyon. 1,5 hour path. 4 hours canyoning and then swimming at Pahia Ammos beach.
2nd day Gria Vathra canyon. 2 hours path, 6 hours canyoning. (The largest slides are there!!!!)
3rd day. Day off!
4th day Gyali canyon, the whole canyon. 3 hour path, 7 hours canyoning. A perfect canyon! Night on the beach with sleeping bags and the next day boarding a boat.
5rd day Kremastos waterfall. Descend down 230 metres. The most thrilling experience in Samothraki! We arrive at the seaside where we board the boat that is waiting for us. 1 and a half hour path, 4 hours canyoning.
Best Period
Essential gear that you must have with you:
Hiking trousers, hat, shirt and a light windbreaker jacket, swimsuit/trunks, a pair of slip resistant shoes for walking in water, a bottle of mineral water + snacks, and a towel, Sleeping bag.
All participants will be given a complete set of canyoning equipment, which includes:
(helmet, full neoprene wetsuit, safety belt, canyoning backpack, dry bag).

Meeting point

Price per person: 365€
Boat transport to and from Kremasto are included in the price.
The price includes only the activities.
Food and accommodation not included.

Qualified guide and instructor:

George Andreou. Since 1999. Safety, consistency, experience
Telephone number: +30 6972662269