Galanorema canyon-Pelion

Pelion-Galanorema Canyon
Pelion is a mountain with a long history with beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and canyons. Galanorema canyon located in eastern Pelion, before Zagora village. Beautiful and the best of Pelion with waterfalls up to 30 meters. Is suitable for beginners because he has a mild slope.  Galanorema canyon has lakes with blue water, 9 waterfalls, slides, jumps. To go in the start of the canyon hiking one hour.
No canyoning experience is required. Participants must be physically fit, love sports and nature. The excursion suits both experienced canyoneers, as well as first timers who want to give it a go.
Physical fitness levels
You should have average physical endurance, know how to swim, be able to plunge into the water from 2 meters high and be able to carry a backpack with you personal gear.

(Level Family)
Canyon descent: 2,5 hours
Hiking: 30’

Duration(Level Sport)
Canyon descent: 4 hours
Hiking: 60’

Our meeting point is in Karavoma place, near Zagora village.
Essential gear that you must have with you:
Swimsuit/ trunks, a spare pair of shoes for walking in water, a bottle of mineral water + snacks and a towel.
All participants will be given a complete set of canyoning equipment, which includes:
Helmet, 5mm full neoprene wetsuit, safety belt, canyoning backpack and dry bag.
price per person for 3 hours: 59 € (Level Family)
Price per person for 5 hours: 79 € (Level Sport)