2 Day Canyoning Excursion in Evritania. Canyons: Mavri Spilia - Rosca canyon & Pantavrechi.

2 Day Canyoning Excursion in Evritania. 
Canyons: Mavri Spilia - Rosca canyon & Pantavrechi.
s canyons are of unique beauty and amongst the most beautiful canyons
in Greece. They combine a remarkable natural environment, crystal waters
and amazing landscapes. These gorgeous canyons combine activity with
beauty. Mavri Spilia canyon is representative of Evritania’ s scenery
and it is easy to canyon
On the first day the program begins with a descent into the canyon of
Mavri Spilia, which represents the image of the Evritanic Canyons and is
generally an easy and fun canyon. When finish the canyoning we drive by
road to the village of Roska, where we camp in a special area near the
village, with toilets and water. The next day at 9 we start for the
Roska and Pantavrechi canyon.

NO previous
experience is required. All you will need is to be physically fit, love
nature and sports. The excursion suits both experienced canyoneers as
well as first timers who what to give it a go.  

Physical fitness levels 
should have average physical endurance, know how to swim, not be afraid
of heights, be able to plunge into water from 1 metre high and carry a
backpack with you personal gear.
Total activity: 4 and 7 hours
Training: 30 minutes
Hiking to enter the canyon: 20 & 30 minutes
Canyoning: 3 & 5 hours
Hiking to exit the canyon: 10 & 10 minutes

Activity starts the first day at 12:00
Activity starts the second day at 09:00

Activity ends the first day at 16:00
Activity ends the second day at 16:00

Best Period 
June – August
Equipment provided
•    helmet
•    wetsuit neoprene (5mm)
•    harness
•    special canyoning backpack
•    waterproof container
Bring with you:
•    bathing suit
•    shorts or leggings and shirt for trekking
•    a bottle of mineral water and a snack
•    bath towel
•    2 pairs of shoes
The first will be wet during canyoning (special canyoning shoes or
trekking shoes or oil resistant labor shoes, that protect the ankle)
•    The second will be used after the activity.

area has only a dirt road network, however conventional cars can drive
it. You are responsible for the transportation on the road network. You
have to go and come back from the canyons with your own vehicle.
are no hotels in the area. We will stay for one night in tents. You
must have your own camping equipment. If you do not have available
camping equipment we can provide it. Renting cost 
20 € per person.
Price: 140 € per person.

Our meeting is
Saturday 1July at 11 am in the Village (Neo Mikro Chorio), near Karpenissi.
There is also a meeting point on the Google map.

Qualified guide and instructor: 
George Andreou. Since 1999. Safety, consistency, experience 
Telephone number: +30 6972662269