The French History
Canyoning officially began at France and his history has as follows: In 1888, the Eduard Alfred Martel (father of speleology and founder of the first Speleology company of France) realizes the crossing (passage) of the of Bramabiau`s cave that resembles a lot with gorge. Then and up to 1960 the missions for explorations of gorges succeed one the other, up to that in 1963 was founded the French Federation of Speleology and speleologists continue exploring gorges with the same passion. In the decade of 70`s began to publish first guides of gorges and in 1986 canyoning is included in the Speleology Federation of France, while in 1988 it began a narrow collaboration between the Federation Canoe Kayak and the Mountaineering Federation. 
In May 1991 the first officially organized faculty of canyons descent is a reality. 
The ` 94 also existed as a rich year in activities. In March were realized the first days of techniques of canyons that were applied by the Jean GUITARD in the Torderes.

The Greek History
In our country, the history of Canyoning began in the beginning of 20th century and specifically at the end of 20`s (without any exclusion of older efforts for which there is not exist any briefing) through a registered descent that realized by an active speleological team, leading of  Mrs. Petrohiloy. Descent was realized in the mountainous volume of Parnitha and in the well-known canyon of Gkoyra. (Ph. of season).  

French explorers began to visit Crete and they realized first gorges` descents. There exist elements from 1978. At Ipeirous and concretely in Tymfi mountain, canoyning began from 1979 again from French speleologists. Registered work in French books began from 1966, 1979, 1987 and 1990, with canyons of Ipeirous, as well as corresponding articles in magazines.  

At late 80`s, in Greece explored some canyons from Greek climbers too, which in the beginning of 90 begins to become well-known from various companies of alternative tourism, that organized also canyons ` descents. They are following canyons: Goura, Ntounos, Asopos, Vothonas, Viniani, Mega Rema of Mouzaki, Kalypso,Fonisa, Neda. At the end of 90`s explorations of canyons began to be organized often. Teams of climbers from Thessaloniki, go down the canyon of Orlia in Olympus and Fonia in the Sammothraki. In 1999 took place the first organized faculty of canyoning-drivers in Greece from French instructors Gilbert Djurakdjian and Olivier Gola. The faculty watched by 7 persons and 5 graduated, from which the 2 of them did not deal with sport later, the other 3 continued dealing but casually, while the only of them, Giorgos Andreou, continued dynamically and contributed in the growth of Greek canyoning. From 1999 Andreou begins to organize teams, amining at the exploration of unknown gorges. In 2002 he is invited by the Italian organism canyoning to watch the faculty of instructors and one year later in 2003, it founds the E.S.E.F and informally he also creates Greek canyoning faculty. The same year Andreou organizes faculties of canyoning for speleologists and members of S.O.E and thus canyoning began to be organized and to expand through the speleological associations. In 2004 the E.S.E.F began to organize faculties all over Greece and to create cores of growth as in Crete. In 2006 the first French faculty Initiateur is organized and faculty of rescue in canyons with their instructors F. Jourdan, I. F. Fiorina and P. Auvaro. In 2008 also the first faculty becomes Moniteur aiming at the still better organization and growth of Greek canyoning. Instructors were the L. Poublan and Y. Ozoux. In 2007 the first three Greek guides of canyons are published. Up to 2010 and especially in decade of 2000, above 170 canyons were explored in Greece and became official and informal above 60 faculties and seminars for canyons ` descent from various institutions.